Grading Cards From

With accurate technology, how good is it?

"Adding value with card grades"
Now starting to be interested in various groups besides Sport cards, including pokemon, yugioh, MTG, DBZ, etc.

Grading cards is to check the condition of your game cards or collectible cards. that it is in perfect condition
If your collecting card is in perfect condition The value will increase accordingly.
such as card games that normally cost 200-300 baht If the check is complete at Grade 9 or 10, the value will increase by 1-10 times.

Which SQC itself tries to develop equipment and use the program with modern tools.
for collectors or those who see investment opportunities There are cards that are in perfect condition to collect. and help increase the value of the card
or help pre-grade before sending abroad more precise


SQC [Special Quality Card ]

It is like another department of TIGER Jewelry Company, which is a leading manufacturer and exporter of jewelry in Thailand and has been in the jewelry industry for more than 30 years.
is a manufacturer for jewelry brands many world levels Including being an exporter and distributor in WALMART with more than 4,000 branches across the USA until receiving the award
including leading jewelry brands in Thailand that gives confidence in the production standards International

modern tools including various machines used for small parts and knowledge of valuable product inspection for 30 years

Plus the experience of collecting cards for more than 20 years, equipped with technology, precise tools.
including the use of laser machines to measure various mark points Writing Ai. to check at some point that requires resolution.

Recheck system can check the DEFECT points on the card manually on the website.

Therefore, you can be assured that SQC Grading Card will check the integrity of the best and will add value to your card like a valuable accessory.

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